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What is Weaselling?

Weaselling is a type of outdoor activity that involves traversing narrow, vertical or near-vertical rocky crevices and chasms using a combination of climbing, crawling, and wriggling techniques. It is a challenging and physically demanding activity that requires a high level of fitness, agility and technical skill.  It is a local name, primarily used in the Peak District.

Weaselling is typically done in rocky or mountainous terrain. Participants often use a combination of natural features such as ledges, cracks, and chimneys to make their way through the crevices. In some cases, participants may also use specialized equipment such as ropes and harnesses for added safety and support.

Weaselling is considered a form of technical climbing, and as such, it carries a significant level of risk. Participants should be experienced climbers trained and equipped before attempting a weaselling route. It's also recommended to have a partner and a guide who is familiar with the route and the conditions of the area.

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nicks outdoors

Specialties: Abseiling, Bouldering, Ghyll Scrambling

Ex military who has started up my own outdoor business. providing hill skills, climbing, guided walks, mountain biking, NNAS courses and Outdoor first Aid courses.

Catterick Garrison, England, DL9 4DP, United Kingdom

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