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Outdoor Activity Guide for the Lake District

UK Activity Guide

What will you do next?

The Lake District is one main Outdoor Activity areas in the UK and there is so much to choose from.   Lakes and Mountains go together to form the perfect playground for the Outdoor Activity enthusiast but it can be easy just to do what you have done before.  Below are some suggestions that will help you do something different or what you love doing somewhere different.


So this is the one that first springs to mind when you see the mountains appear on the horizon.  There are plenty of Mountain Guides that will take your group on a personalised mountaineering trip or allow you to join a predefined hike.

Mountain Biking

Get the best routes from the people who know them using either a freelance Mountain Bike Guide or an Activity Centre that specialises in Mountain Biking


You are spoilt for the choice of climbing options in the Lake District.   If you are looking to get into this sport or want to improve, then check out Lake District Climbing Instructors or activity providers who cover the 


One for kids of all ages love.  Get back to basics and learn how to survive in the wild.   Go on - release the Bear Grylls in you with a one-to-one Bushcraft Instructor or at an Activity Centre.

Stand up Paddleboarding

Some of the best scenery you will ever find while paddleboarding.  Whether you are new to the sport, want to improve your skills or just relax and enjoy a slow paddle, the Lake District is the place to be.  Check our our Paddleboard Instructors and Paddleboarding at a Lake District activity Centre. 


It's called the Lake District for a reason!   Check out some of the best Watersport Centres in the country and enjoy some sailing while you are here.

Do you work in the Outdoor Industry in the Lake District?

Activity Centre

We work with small and large activity providers to help customers find your amazing activities and do more cool stuff the next time they come to the Lake District.

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Freelance Instructor

The personal experience with a guide is a wonderful experience and we want to help you promote what you can offer both customers and Activity Centres.

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