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Family Bushcraft Camp (6+ years old)
2 Day(s)

Wildeye Adventures LTD Westerham TN16, UK - Address & location details provided upon booking
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Start Time
10:00 AM
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12:00 PM
Family Bushcraft Camp (6+ years old)
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Family Overnight Bushcraft Camp with Wildeye Adventures - Based in Private woodlands in Sevenoaks, Kent.

It's important to encourage both youth and adults to keep a close relationship to the natural world and the best way to connect with the nature is by spending time in it. 

Learning bushcraft/survival skills is a chance to get creative, use the imagination and problem solve using what nature provides. Discover skills of the wild that will improve confidence in the outdoors and wilderness. Survival skills empower you. Our courses encourage stepping out of the comfort zone and experiencing sleeping in the woods independently. Wildeye Adventures shares outdoor skills & environmental education in the aims of developing your personal relationship to nature & the environment. Encouraging self-reliance, self-awareness and personal responsibility towards nature and the environment. 

Our experienced instructors build positive relationships with the guests we encounter on courses/camps. Our aim is to share our passion for nature, plant positive seeds in young people's minds and inspire knowledge of the wild to create an improved relationship towards the natural world & environment.Wildeye Adventures provides all bushcraft equipment for all courses. 

Activities will include: Shelter making. Fire lighting Skills. Camp Creation. Camp Fire Cooking. Tree & Plant ID (Nature Treasure Hunt) Toasting marshmallows (making s'mores) Making damper bread / Tree spirits.


Arrival at 10am on Saturday. Departure on 12pm Sunday. 

Overnight camps are the best way to immerse yourself in nature and put bushcraft skills to the test. Natural shelter building takes time, energy & manual labour. So don't expect a walk in the park. You are welcome to bring your own tents if you wish. But we do encourage creating form of shelter (either using natural materials from the forest or tarps) as it provides a more rewarding survival experiencing. You may decide how you wish to sleep as the experience unfolds. 

Survival will get the imagination going, stimulate intuition, creative skills and problem solving abilities. You'll need to work together in your tribe to create your camp and forage enough wood/fuel to sustain you until the next morning. Our overnight experience encourages solitude. After a day gaining skills & guidance from instructors. You will be prepped with the required knowledge, enough to be responsible for you own personal well being overnight. 

Discover how to create a natural shelter, use tarps and learn more about useful trees, plants & fungi. Hammocks (bushcraft ones, not palm tree ones) are also available if you fancy sleeping off the forest floor. Our instructors share abundant knowledge on the fascinating world of trees & woodlands. Inspiring a stronger connection to the natural world. Many young people have left our camps feeling inspired, with life-long memories and some have even started their own environmental initiatives within their community & school. All overnight camps are self-catered on day one. 

You are required to bring a packed lunch & an evening meal to cook over a camp fire. Breakfast the next morning is provided for each guest. Instructors offer guidance & support throughout the day, however, when the sunsets staff will be in the woodlands, but out of site! We encourage solitude in nature, so you'll be camped away from other guests with your own spot in the woods. 

The sound of a Native America Indian flute will summon you to breakfast, served between 7am - 8am. 

It's time to go wild, let nature provide and spend a night away from the city side.

Find out further details via the Wildeye Adventures website or connect on social media platforms. 

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. TikTok.

For enquiries & booking details please email: contact@wildeyeadventures.com

Westerham TN16, UK - Address & location details provided upon booking

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