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Adult Survival Camp (18+)
2 Day(s)

Wildeye Adventures LTD Brasted, Westerham TN16, UK
Start Date
Start Time
10:00 AM
End Date
End Time
12:00 PM
Adult Survival Camp (18+)
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Wildeye Survival Camp is an 18+ adult only course. 

Guaranteed to bring out your wild side. Empower yourself with skills that teach self-reliance & personal responsibility.

Our courses/camps teach wilderness skills, encourage nature connection and provide the opportunity to camp in solitude. Based in a wild-like 23acre private woodland in Brasted Chart in Sevenoaks, Kent.

You will receive clear instructions & practical demonstrations of all bushcraft skills, followed by the opportunity to practise for yourself. Our overnight camps encourage a more secluded & independent experience. After a creative day of survival & bushcraft education, you will be prepared with the relevant and required education, enough to be responsible for your own well being. 

Discover different ways to light and maintain a fire. Try your luck with the bow drill (fire by friction) and learn how to use a bushcraft knife to carve pegs. Discover useful trees, plants & fungi used in bushcraft and learn how to work with nature, rather than against it. Bushcraft and skills of the wild can support you in traveling further, off the beaten track and with less stuff. 

You will have the opportunity to explore the woods, find your own patch and set up camp. 

The level of difficulty is yours to choose, so don't expect a military style vibe. Constructing natural shelters gives a more rewarding experience, but requires energy consumption and manual labour. Tarps are provided for shelter making & bushcraft hammocks are available on request. 

Wildeye instructors will support you during the experience, share knowledge and offer guidance. However, at night time you will be left alone in your camp. Staff will be on site, but out of sight until the next morning. 

The sound of a flute calls you to breakfast. 

Leave our camps feeling inspired and empowered. Having adopted valuable knowledge & skills that provide you with the ability to become a more confident explorer & responsible wild camper.

Any questions or enquiries? Please visit the Wildeye Adventures website for further information or connect via Facebook / Instagram / TikTok

For enquiries & booking details please email: contact@wildeyeadventures.com

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Brasted, Westerham TN16, UK

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