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3 Family walks in the Peak District

3 Family walks in the Peak District

Walking is a great way to spend time with your family, however, if your walks are not interesting enough you will soon be hearing "how much further.....", "I'm tired ....., "I'm bored ......".  Or if you are like me and have teenagers, then they may not even want to come in the first place.

These 3 walks in the Peak District were tested at Easter 2022 and were loved by the whole family.  Each one has something different and can be made longer or shorter according to how much energy your family has (and how long the littlest legs are!)

  1. Chee Dale Stepping Stones and Monsal Tunnels
  2. Mam Tor (and two other peaks)
  3. Lud's Church and The Roaches

Chee Dale Stepping Stones and Monsal Tunnels

Distance: 5 - 9 km
Time: Up to 3 hours
Map: View Map

This walk is fantastic and exciting for children and adults.  

The starts along the Chee Dale Nature Reserve which is a path that hugs the riverside and has two sets of exciting stepping stones.  The walk back is along the Monsal Trail - a flat disused railway path with two tunnels.

Why we loved this walk?

  • The Stepping Stones was an exciting addition.  As you can see from the photos, you are actually walking in the river!
  • The walk back was easy and flat - so important when little legs are starting to tire!
  • The Tunnels were fun, and of course, a great echo chamber.
  • We got to watch people abseil from the bridge - and some very impressive climbing on the gorge cliffs.

The walk can be completed from either end.  

There is a small car park at the Western end of the walk https://what3words.com/proclaims.quack.defend - we did it from this end which means that there is an ice cream/coffee stop halfway but if you start from the west then there is no way to shorten the route.

If you start from the East side, there is a car park at https://what3words.com/reflect.entitle.grove and you can then shorten the route by turning around at Mosley Farm (https://what3words.com/fish.encloses.calms) .  The ice cream now becomes the bribe for completing the walk.

The Two Tunnels are Close together

Inside the longer Monsal Trail tunnel           Coffee / Ice Cream stop at Eastern End

Mam Tor (and two other peaks)

Distance: 5 - 12 km
Time: Up to 4 hours
Map: View Map

When in the Peak District - why not complete a peak (or three)?  This walk can be shortened to meet the needs of the party - but I highly recommend you do not just climb Mam Tor and return the same way.

We started the walk at the public Car park in Castleton (https://what3words.com/jukebox.stood.unscrew) and walked up to Mam Tor.  This is a gentle steady climb with views that open out quickly.  You can start the walk from the car park for Mam Tor (https://what3words.com/dunk.backfired.interrupt) and return by walking along the base of the peaks - thus saving you a lot of up/down hill.

Why we loved this walk?

  • The views from Mam Tor and Lose Hill are stunning
  • The Cains on top of Black Top gave us some fun making silly photos
  • The broken road was fun to imagine it sliding down the hill.

View from Mam Tor towards Lose Hill

View toward Mam Tor from Lose Hill

Lud's Church and The Roaches

Distance: 5 - 20 km
Time: Up to 7 hours
Map: View Map

If you follow the route we did on the map link then this is a long walk!  But don't panic here are ways to make it shorter.

  1. Miss out the loop that includes Hanging Rock
  2. Miss out the loop that includes Hen Cloud
  3. Park one car at the start and one at the base of the Roaches.

Start the walk at the Car park (https://what3words.com/claw.appetite.gracing) near Manor Farm.  This is a small car park and can get full quickly so I recommend an early start if you are in high season.  Alternatively, you can park by the Roaches and walk from there - If you chose this option, then please be careful - there are marked bays for parking and if you park anywhere else you may get a parking ticket (we did!).

Why we loved this walk?

  • The photos opportunity on the Hanging rock where fun
  • Lud's church is amazing and very well hidden - Like a scene out of Merlin
  • There was an ice cream van parked on the pass halfway - like a mirage
  • The Roaches offers some fantastic photo ops and a chance to watch the climbers

Stream Junction at the start of the walk

Hanging Rock (left) & Climbers on the Roaches (Right)

Lud's Church


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