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Ghyll Scrambling

HRM6+WF Keswick, UK

The Lake District #1 Activity!

Stonycroft Ghyll, near Keswick, was the original Ghyll Scrambling activity in the Lake District, and has been used by outdoor adventure groups for at least 35 years - and is the ideal introduction to the amazing sport of ghyll scrambling. Developed by the Victorians as one of the Lake Districts first adventure activities, let our experienced instructors take you on a water experience you won't forget!

What is Ghyll Scrambling?

An impossible adventure to describe and equally impossible to forget, Ghyll Scrambling is always one of the Lake Districts favourite water activities and involves descending a Lake District mountain stream under the safe guidance of our experienced instructors. The ghyll scrambling near Keswick will include rock slides, dives and jumps down waterfalls into plunge pools and is guaranteed to have you buzzing with adrenaline by the end of the scrambling experience. Your instructor will guide you down the mountain river ensuring your safety and maximising your enjoyment of a truly unique Keswick activity experience! All the challenges will be set at an appropriate level for you, and there is no pressure to complete every part of the ghyll - there is always another way! This makes Stonycroft the perfect scrambling ghyll trip for teams with a mix of ages / abilities. 

As standard we provide all our ghyll scrambling clients with high quality safety equipment, well fitting wetsuits, as well as spray jackets, buoyancy aids if required and helmets. This means you can enjoy this amazing Lake District scrambling adventure safe in the knowledge that you are wearing the best safety equipment possible, and ensures that we keep you warm and happy scrambling in the ghyll! 

Hire a GoPro! 

Although we have always provided free photos of your activity as standard, we now offer the option of hiring our GoPro equipped helmet for only £15. We will then send you a DVD of the footage for you to enjoy at your leisure. Please book this extra service early, it really is a great way to remember your ghyll scrambling experience, one of Keswick's finest wet adventure activities!

Small Group bonus!

For smaller groups, if time and water levels permit, we may take you down into the Gorge section of Stonycroft. This will add around 20min to your activity, and push the ghyll scrambling challenge up a notch. This part of the gorge is man made, an old mine, and much more steep sided and committing than the gorge walking further upstream, and is a great way to finish off for those after an extra adventure.


As we use such good kit, we can provide this activity all year round!

Please see our most up to date availability at https://www.mobileadventure.co.uk/outdoor-activities-courses/keswick-ghyll-scrambling/

We Provide:

We provide high quality Wetsuits, Spray Jackets, Helmets, and the best highly qualified and experienced instructors! We also aim to take photos which get sent to you for free.

In the colder months we also use wetsuit socks, gloves, and hats, and bouyancy Aids when the water levels are up!

You need to provide:

You will need a pair of shoes that WILL get wet, swimming gear for under the wetsuit and a towel + dry clothes to go home in. Full details will be sent after booking.

Price Information:

From £35 per person, group discounts are available.

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HRM6+WF Keswick, UK

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