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Bath: Stand Up Paddleboard Family lesson

Batheaston Car Park

Dedicated 1:1 tuition on the water for a minimum of 1.5 hrs.

A 90min session will be focused on instruction and constructive feedback, aimed at improving your general paddling skills, water awareness/safety, rescue techniques and any specific areas you wish to work on. These may include; faster, more efficient paddling, better balance, confident footwork, advanced turns, river safety, route planning and expedition preparation and more…

This session is also available for groups of up to 4, whether they are from the same family or not!


Wed,Thus,Fri, Sat & Sun during April - October

We Provide:

Board, Paddle and Bouyancy Aid

You need to provide:

Board if you have one, change of clothes.

Price Information:

90 mins £100 for to up 4 People + £5 per board (if needed)

2.5 hrs £160 for up to 4 people + £5 per board (if needed)

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Batheaston Car Park

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