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One day I found that an outdoor activity I had always wanted to try was available within 2 miles of where I was staying on holiday.  The trouble was the holiday was 4 weeks ago!

My research on the area had focused on the activities I already know, so I had no idea that it even existed, let alone make contact. 

On that day an idea for the Outdoors Activity Directory started to form.   What if there was a site where you could enter the name of a place and all the Outdoor Activities would be listed?

I love the outdoors and am a Freelance outdoor Instructor myself.    Finding work usually relies on watching groups on Facebook for job postings - and boy do I hate scrolling through Facebook these days!

This is how the second phase of my idea grew.  What if there are very few places you can advertise your skills and availability as a Freelance Instructor?  

The Outdoor Activity Directory has two main goals.

1) To help you discover new and exciting activities that you would like to try or to help you find ways to do more of what you already love.

2) To help Freelance Outdoor Instructors and Outdoor Activity Companies find each other and provide activities in a cost-effective way.

The Outdoor Activity Directory started in November 2022.  It may take a few months to fill up so if you are visiting here soon after launch then please bookmark this page and come back again soon.

This site is run by a very small team at the moment. (Just one person and a few online helpers)  

If you want to know more about the founder then you can check out my Freelance Instructor Page here